The Art & Science of Being a Firestarter

We believe that Firestarters are special people. They are the ones who seek change to move their organization forward. They are the individuals who risk it all because of what they believe in. But Firestarters can run out of gas, and that’s where we come in.

We offer workshops to help you get unstuck, reignite the flame, or accelerate you to the next level. All are customized to your needs in terms of location, amount of time, and learning level.

We also offer workshops for that are open to the public in order to inspire individuals and unite them with people who share their values.

Here is a sampling of our current workshops:

Scattered Genius. Ideas are the lifeblood of any organization. But focusing is often the problem, We take you through important questions that enable you to narrow or expand your idea into something viable. How will it make a difference? How is it different? Why is it important to you? Why will it be important to others? What excites you that will sustain you during tough times? What is achievable? What is extraneous?

Sales Extinguishers. What holding back your sales? Do you have the wrong people? Do you have a bad process or sales management? What is holding back sales?

Keep the Fire Burning. How are you going to handle people and incidents that extinguish your fire? How are you going to create supporters who both nurture and challenge you? How can you lead others?