On Cutting, Leaping and Giving


by Andrew Folts, Serpa Design

Do you live a cardboard life?

It has shape. It has structure.

But it’s fragile. Does it make you too afraid to move – like one false motion will tear away all you know?

That is one way to look at it, I guess. But what if walls coming down is a good thing? Firestarters believe this.

They take out the scissors. They unsheathe the razors and slowly cut away all the walls they thought they needed but only held them back!

Are you a Firestarter? Can you become one? How do you know if it’s possible. Start with finding your freedom in any given moment.

The weight of the world may have you in shackles. But any tiny moment has potential. Look ahead and leap with the freedom of a roving wolf.

The chasm between your dreams and reality is only as wide as your weakest thoughts.

But what’s that? You’re afraid. Your ideas aren’t strong enough? They aren’t even yours?

You stole a thought.

It isn’t yours.

You didn’t think it on your own, but here you are – you and your future – forever changed by your act of theft. Perhaps your penance is to share it.

Some of the best advice I ever received was: To be creative, steal someone else’s thoughts. Not in the plagiarism sense – in the inspiration sense or the learning sense.

Steal a thought from a teacher, mentor, or friend. Then do something great with it and let them know how they inspired you or changed your life.

Supporters are essential to accelerate your success. Not because they prop you up like a puppet. Rather, they feed your mind and allow you to re-invent your world with their words of wisdom. What a gift!

Andrew Folts