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Kathy Palokoff

Founder and Chief Igniter


goFirestarters was founded by Kathy Palokoff who then appointed herself Chief Igniter because it sounded very cool. She gathered together a group of like-minded talented folks who shared her passion for helping Firestarters achieve their dreams.

Here is what she would list as her chief accomplishments in life:

  • Raising a very blended family of six kids who are all in their own ways Firestarters — including being Relationship Firestarters that has resulted in 10 absolutely remarkable grandkids

  • Supporting scores of entrepreneurs — especially women — in ways that have truly helped them create and scale businesses and social ventures

  • Forever falling in love with words so that she continues to write books and help others achieve their dreams of becoming authors

  • Starting multiple successful companies after having a long and wonderful career at Saatchi & Saatchi

  • Laughing, loving, and living in big ways so that she doesn’t miss a moment of this wonderful thing called LIFEKathy