Jack Tomalis

Chief Igniter

Baltimore-Washington Corridor

E-mail jack@gofirestarter.com

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Jack is a serial entrepreneur with a background in marketing, advertising and publishing. His passion is helping businesses grow and putting people together so they benefit from each others' experience, skills and connections. He is currently working on a start-up developing a digital concierge platform that uses social media to help travelers find interesting things based on their interests.

Jack’s career took him from working with non-profits on veterans and environmental issues to determining the market values of European collectible and exotic cars. Jack started his first business, a publishing and distribution company, which led to a new venture: one of the first on-line couponing company.

He then went to work for a small medical management company where he helped to set up self-funded health benefit plans that covered 1.3 million people across the United States. He then returned to publishing, working in the Baltimore tourism sector to help people enjoy their visits to Charm City.

Here are some of the things Jack loves:

  • Improving life in Baltimore by building up businesses and tourism so our visitors find unique stores, restaurants and attractions.

  • Volunteering in every way you can imagine. Just ask the Red Cross where he literally lets them drain his super blood. (10 gallons over the last 25 years and counting!)

  • Talking politics and working for change. Hint: Kathy and Jack share the same views about the current state of our nation.

  • Supporting his amazing wife, Kelli, in her career as a high school teacher.

  • Taking walks with his dog, Edgar, and baking him dog biscuits which, if you ask nicely, he just might share.

Note: His pup gets a bigger picture than Jack.

Note: His pup gets a bigger picture than Jack.