Sandra Fox, Sensory Six


Firestarters are people who chase their dream and very often catch it. Sandra Fox, founder and President of Sensory Six is a perfect example. Sandra brings an unusual blend of creative, technology and project management talents to creating spaces.  As a former top executive with a global engineering firm, her experience with technology, engineering, architecture and construction has given her the knowledge to create highly functional spaces that promote health and wellness for people and the planet. 

She also has a passion for design, style and luxury as well as a love of art, color, music, texture and nature.  These artistic talents, along with her ability to turn a vision into reality, make the Sensory Six experience uplifting for both clients and team members.

goFirestarters has helped Sandra with:

  • Brand building

  • Content development

  • Ideation

  • Public relations

  • Customer communications

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