Jean Kase, The Entrepreneurs Network

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Jean Kase is an entrepreneur mentor, investor and connector. In her role as Executive Director for The Entrepreneurs Network (TEN) she has helped more than 400 companies ignite and fuel their growth. A true Firestarter with a passion for making a difference, she has made TEN one of the leading programs in Upstate New York for start-ups and scalable small businesses.

TEN is for startups who are commercializing scientific breakthroughs and new technologies,and for small businesses who can scale by tapping new markets or expanding their productportfolios. This focus on growth potential drives powerful peer-to-peer learning, and leads to real-world success stories. TEN is a Monroe County economic development program powered by Imagine Monroe.

goFirestarters has helped Jean with:

  • Program Development

  • Marketing

  • Logistics

  • Event Planning

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